Invoice and Bill Pay Help

Download invoice or payment

Make a Payment

Make a Payment

Adding a Credit Card

How do I download an invoice or payment?

  • To view a statement, download via the Arrow Down Button.
  • Invoice or payment will automatically download.

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How Do I Pay an Invoice?

  • Choose the Invoice(s)
  • Click Pay Invoices
  • You will be directed to Payment Method options
  • Select Credit Card or E-Check.
  • Finalize Payment
  • A Payment Successful Pop Up and Email will Automatically get sent











How do I add a Credit Card to my Account?

First is to Add A Card from the Payment Method Section.

Directed to Add Payment Method.  Fill in the form then Add Card

Finalize the (Credit Card) Payment

Finally, must click the Make Payment/Authorize option to complete the process

You cannot add or modify any bank account information.

You can only have 3 different cards on file. To add a new card, delete an old/unused one.


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