Filtered Water Systems

Water filtration systems supply clean, great tasting water for Wisconsin and Illinois offices.

What is Point of Use/Filtration Service?

The Point of Use System (POU) or Filtration water system is a completely bottleless coolers system that offers an easy and convenient way for your team to get fresh, cold, clean water in the office.  When you switch to a POU System you will start saving money compared to a Bottle Delivery Service.

Century Springs Water Filtration Details

I already have a water cooler in our office, why do I need Filtration water cooler?

Here are 5 simple reasons to switch, what the heck is Reverse Osmosis and how to determine which cooler is best for you.

  1. Unlimited clean water in your facility. These sleek looking coolers are directly connected to your municipal water source. The filtration system that is built into the cooler gives you and your team chemical free water. The three types of filtration offered in the three coolers are Reverse Osmosis, Granular-Activated Carbon and Ultraviolet.
    • Reverse Osmosis removes fluoride, Lead, Chlorine and more
    • Carbon is the most effective to remove poor taste and odor. Utilizing RO and Carbon almost distills the water.
    • Ultra Violet Disinfection neutralizes bacteria from growing, keeping coolers bacteria-free regardless of their surroundings.
  2. Having unlimited water also means you won’t need to have to use your valuable space and clog an entire storage room with full and empty bottles. They won’t be that eyesore anymore collecting dirt and dust.
  3. What if we told you that you don’t have to lift those heavy jugs anymore! No more lifting those heavy 5 Gallon Jugs. Eliminate the daily and weekly backbreaking lifting the jugs onto the cooler.
  4. More environmentally friendly. Reduce the use of plastic in the work place. Reduce our trucks from heading to your office on a regular basis.
  5. Have no fears, there aren’t any big cooler purchases. This is not a major investment for you. Switching to the POU Service is as simple as getting a different cooler installed.

Now, which cooler should I choose?

Are aesthetics important? What about space?

Step 1 – Pick a Cold or Hot/Cold Unit

Step 2 – Choose if you want Carbon only, Reverse Osmosis or Ultra Violet Filtration on select models.

Point of Use Cooler Selection

Standard Cold – No need for hot water in the particular location? Provides fresh, unlimited, cold water for your team to access and avoid replacing those heavy 5 Gallon Bottles.
Standard Hot/Cold – Generally hot water is used in breakrooms for teas, coffee, noodles. Also has cold water available for your team.
Counter Top – Used when space is an issue.