New Case Products to replace National Brand

Local Wisconsin Water delivered to Texas.
March 2, 2021

Over the last six months we have been evaluating pricing, bottles and more. 

One leap we made this month is to start bottling our own Century Springs small bottles for you!

This means we can bottle great tasting water from our springs, in premium, non-crinkly bottles at a lower price than what the national brands offer you.

There are four big reasons why our new case water is better.

Reason 1—One spring.

Century Springs only uses one spring, not a “few others” around the springs. 

Reason 2—The bottle.

Our bottles are made from premium materials, and they don’t crinkle as soon as you grab one out of the cup holder, fridge or cooler. 

Reason 3—The cap.

Now you can twist the cap off without spilling water everywhere and put the cap back on without a major struggle!

Reason 4—Consistent pH.

At Century Springs, the pH levels of the water are consistent at 7.0.  The national brands range between 7.9 – 8.1.

Add new case water to your next delivery by clicking or calling! And if you still want the value case water, we have that available too.