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How to sign up for Credit Card or ACH Payment online

Step-by-step on signing up for online payments:

Please have your account number, an email address and zip code as you will need this info to activate your account.

1. Go directly to

2. Activate your new account, select the Register Now button on the right side of the page

3. Enter your Account Number and Zip Code. Make sure the Billing button is highlighted and then click the Sign-Up Button.

4. Next, you will be asked to create a username and password that will associate with your personal email address you want to use for your new Century Springs account.

5. At this point you have access to manage your account online. In this portal you can Request Service, check you Delivery Schedule and activate Autopay.

6. To activate Autopay, click the tab Pay My Bill

7. Easily add the debit or credit card you want to use for your monthly payment by clicking on Manage My Credit Cards

8. Enter in your credit card information and Save card

9. Once your card is confirmed you will see Update Successful. To use this card for Monthly Autopay click on Make Active Autopay Card.  Each month this card will be used to pay your current invoice.

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