Private Label Water Bottle

Customize your water bottle labels to make a great impression at your personal and organization events.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Private Label Bottles

Why should I purchase Century Springs Private Label water rather than other private label bottled waters?

Century Springs Water is a genuine “Spring” water.  It contains natural electrolytes which enhance your health.  Simply put: Century Springs water better for you and taste great too. We use heavier gram bottles along with a larger beautiful glossy label.  Another added benefit is that by utilizing local companies in our area, you continue to strengthen the local economy.

Are the labels waterproof?


Why should I purchase Labels from Century Springs vs. a “normal” print shop and put on the bottles myself?

The labels we use are specifically “Spec’d” for our bottling equipment.  Other labels might tear or not apply properly thus causing water bottles to have a terrible appearance.

What type and size bottles do you bottle?

  • 12 oz.  Bullet
  • 16.9 oz. Ribbed or Bullet
  • 20 oz. Ribbed or Bullet
  • 24 oz. Ribbed
  • 1L Ribbed

Century Springs Ice Bottles Image

How many bottles come in a case?

  • 12 oz.  Bullet  – 24 Bottles
  • 16.9 oz. Ribbed or Bullet – 24 Bottles
  • 20 oz. Ribbed or Bullet – 24 Bottles
  • 24 oz. Ribbed – 12 Bottles
  • 1L Ribbed – 12 Bottles

What is your delivery time for my water bottles?

Once final label proof is approved, your order should be delivered to your location within 3 weeks

How will I know when my order has shipped?

Century Springs will notify you once your order has been shipped via email.

What is the minimum number of water bottles I need to purchase?

 Bottle Size Minimum Case Order
 12 oz Ribbed 30
16.9oz Ribbed  10
16.9oz Bullet 60
20oz Ribbed 10
20oz Bullet 50
24oz Ribbed 90
1L (33.8oz) Ribbed 60

What is the maximum order from the website?

 Bottle Size Max Online Case Order
12oz Ribbed  160
 16.9oz Ribbed 120
16.9oz Bullet 120
20oz Ribbed 120
20oz Bullet 100
24oz Ribbed 180
1L (33.8oz) Ribbed 120

Do I have to design my own label?

No, our expert label designers will guide you through the label design process.  When you choose Century Springs, you receive 30 minutes of artist time and we design the label. You can also save money by designing your own label.  We’ll provide design templates and submission requirements.

Do you offer other cap colors?

Currently, we offer only the opaque tamper proof caps.

What order quantities am I allowed to order?

Minimum quantities are defined on the order page once you pick your desired bottle size.  Once your order reaches a full pallet, it’s more economical to order in full pallets to save on shipping.  It’s the best bang for your buck.

How many cases are in a pallet?

Bottle Size 1 Pallet Order 2 Pallet Order
12oz Ribbed 40-80 Cases 90-160 Cases
16.9oz Ribbed 20-60 Cases 70-120 Cases
16.9oz Bullet 60 Cases 70-120 Cases
20oz Ribbed 20-60 Cases 70-120 Cases
20oz Bullet 50 Cases 60-100 Cases
1L (33.8oz) Ribbed 60 Cases 70-120 Cases

What is the delivery cost?

All of the orders placed inside our delivery areas are free! We offer inside and residential delivery.  Delivery cost on orders outside of the delivery zone will be defined at time of sale.

How can I get my order delivered?

We deliver direct in our delivery area of 1 pallet or less.  Larger orders will be delivered LTL Carrier to your building’s loading dock or lift gate.  If the building does not have a loading dock, you will need to provide a forklift to unload pallet from trailer.

How do I pay for order?

You can pay with check, wire transfer, debit or credit card.  Orders are pre-pay and must be paid once order is accepted.  We offer terms on truckload orders and multiple repeat orders once payment history is established.

What is the shelf life of bottled water?

FDA governs bottled water and has established a shelf life of 2 years.

It’s not just about water…it’s about service, too

Century Springs is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality bottled spring water and the best customer service in the industry. Our customers appreciate our attention to details and our willingness to provide answers and solutions to any questions, concerns, or problems they might have. Our superior customer service means that our bottled water deliveries are consistently on schedule. You can be sure that your office or home will always have an ample supply of refreshing water available.

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