Sustainability: Recycling PET Bottles

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November 24, 2020
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January 28, 2021

Did you know that Century Springs water bottles are either reusable or recyclable? Our 5-gallon bottles are rinsed, cleaned, and refilled!  Sometimes you might notice old stickers or logos on the bottles.  The 5-gallon bottles tend to be used for about 4 to 5 years before we recycle them.

The new four-gallon bottles and all of our single-use water bottles are made from recyclable polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET or plastic #1. 

Recyclers shred the PET into flakes before melting them into pellets. The PET pellets then arrive at a manufacturer to make the flakes into new plastic bottles or jugs or other products, such as T-shirts, playground equipment, tote bags, furniture, carpet (more like carPET, amirite?), and polar fleece.

How to recycle small bottle PET and bottles:

Nix the bags. When you empty the PET bottles, place them directly in your curbside recycling bin. Remember to not place your water bottles (or other recyclables) in a bag. It might seem like bagging items makes things more convenient for the recycling plant, but that’s not the case. The bags cannot be recycled and will rob processing plants of staff hours removing them. Instead, take any plastic bags or wrappers to a grocery or big-box store.

Caps Lock. Water bottle caps are only recyclable if they are twisted back on to the bottles. Separated caps can break recycling equipment or stall work at the recycling plant. 

I’ve got a crush on you. Crushed water bottles take up less space in your recycling bin making more room for your Miller Lite cans.

Rinse cycle. Although you should rinse other bottles, cans and jars before placing them in your recycle bin, you do no need to rinse water jugs or bottles. The water already did the hard part for you! Just make sure the water bottles are fully empty and free of noticeable liquid.

At Century Springs we are committed to having a positive impact on properly recycling plastic, from our facilities to our customers to the innovative new products they will become!