Sustainability: Route Optimization

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December 18, 2020
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February 3, 2021

Route Optimization: It’s not just about finding the shortest path from AA Healthcare to Zorn Compressor it’s about finding the greenest and safest ways too!

At Century Springs, we strive to be an environmentally friendly water delivery service. Not only do we provide clean, sustainable drinking water to homes and businesses, we use green business practices whenever we can. Some sustainable efforts take longer than others to implement, but one of our recent initiatives—route optimization–moved the needle to “green” right away.

The bottom line is that we have new and more efficient delivery routes and that means fewer miles driven, less windshield time, decreased fuel usage and a smaller carbon footprint.

According to the EPA, medium- and heavy-duty trucks produce 23% of all transportation emissions in the U.S., even though they only make up 5% of all vehicles on the road. Therefore, the first principle of sustainability when it comes to moving stuff by truck is to burn less fuel. And the easiest way to do that is to drive fewer miles in less time.

We were able to reduce the total mileage of our delivery fleet daily by 30%, averaging about 40 miles per route per day. The fewer miles means the driver is on the road less so fewer maintenance costs. When orders come in our team’s planning is now 3 times faster and requires fewer working hours. That means faster deliveries to you!

We are more efficiently saving fuel and resources, making timely deliveries, and keeping our drivers safe.

Our previous route planning process could not keep up with evolving traffic conditions in often-congested urban areas (ahem…Milwaukee/Chicago loop), and our trucks would idle in traffic, wasting gas and increasing our carbon footprint. Our drivers would find themselves on unfamiliar roads, risking their security and that of the vehicle. Additionally, our team spent hours organizing and reorganizing people, schedules, shifts and deliveries on a daily basis. With route optimization, we cut down the planning phase from hours to minutes and dedicated team member is in your area when you need them.

At Century Springs, route optimization helps fulfills our green responsibility, keeps our drivers and vehicles safe, and better serves our customers with the clean, sustainable drinking water you love.