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June 22, 2020
When did we stop drinking hose water?
September 9, 2020

First things first…

Alkaline is in reference to the pH in the water.  pH is used to measure how acidic or how basic (aka alkaline) a liquid is on a scale of 0-14. Water with a 1 pH would be a very acidic water or beverage. On the other hand, a pH of 10 would be very high in alkaline. Standard drinking water is a 7 or 8 on the pH scale.

Why would we drink water with high pH?

Studies show that many benefits surround high pH water. The National Library of Medicine said that drinking 8.8 pH water deactivates pepsin, reducing a person’s acid reflux.

Other researched benefits include people with high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol saw a change in their blood after drinking the high pH water.

Alkaline water may also benefit those with a very active lifestyle.  According to the Journal of International Society of Sports, those who performed a very strenuous workout saw a 150% decrease in their viscosity. This means that the oxygen in their blood flow increased during the recovery portion of their workout.

Arguments have flown about other benefits, but some say that alkaline water improves your colon, increases weight loss and helps improve a person’s immune system.

It makes sense when talking about the benefits of a high pH vs. a very acidic drink.  Compare a high acidic drink like coca-cola to a high alkaline drink like green tea.   Which drink would be “healthier” for you

Another reason many say to invest in a high alkaline beverage is to neutralize the acids in your body when you eat an extra bag of acidy chips . When the body needs to neutralize itself it steals from other body parts.  For example, when your blood needs more alkaline it takes from the calcium in your bones, which can cause osteoporosis.

Starting in September, we will have great-tasting Century Springs water with an elevated pH of 9.5 available.  More info to come!