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July 29, 2020
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November 24, 2020

When did we stop drinking hose water?

We recently took a poll on Facebook and asked, “When did we stop drinking out of a hose?” Many responded–okay, mostly our moms! The responses generated a lot of conversation.

Most of us drank out of the hose because we weren’t allowed to go into the house on a nice day and were told to play outside. Some of us avoided going in so we could pretend our chores didn’t exist.  Often, our parents weren’t with us outside to tell us NOT to drink out of the hose. For some of us, we did whatever our dads or older siblings did and thought it was just plain cool to drink out of the hose.

After talking to my mom about how things have changed, she reminded me of my 2-gallon jug that I’d take to soccer practice that we filled up with water straight from the hose.  WHAAAAT.  No. Who would have thought 20, oh gosh, 25 years later drinking out of a hose isn’t the cleanest or healthiest way to drink water.

Now instead of hose water, our children have UV-filtered, purified, strawberry-lime, electrolyte, liter bottles to take to the kickball field. How times have changed!

Next time you have your hose crimped before attaching the sprinkler, take a sip.  It might just remind you of a fun time you had as a kid. Just make sure you let the water go through for a minute– that first sip will be warm—and for the cleanest drinking water make sure you have the always fresh, always pure Century Springs water on hand!

Century Springs offers Spring, Distilled, Fluoridated and Purified water conveniently delivered to your door with friendly service and an affordable price. Our natural spring in Mukwonago, Wisconsin has been providing crisp, clean water to the community for more than 100 years. If you have additional questions on types of drinking water, please take a look at our FAQ page or contact us!