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Was that a lot of water?
May 27, 2020
Century Springs Private Label Water Bottle
What is Alkaline Water?
July 29, 2020

What does water mean to you? Over the last few weeks, we asked our team here “When you think of water, what do you think of?” We had some interesting answers!

  • When I think of water, I think water reminds me of great times at the lake house and long hikes in the woods with ice-cold water to hydrate me.
  • Just thinking about water makes me think of summer fun. In the summer, nothing like a good bottle of our spring water watching the kids play in the pool.
  • I like high pH water. I won’t drink anything else.
  • I like water because it cleans you, inside and out.
  • I think of a nice cold…um glass of water while going out and fishing on a nice afternoon.
  • Every drink of our Awesome water gives me a feeling of Health.  Knowing the electrolytes in the water is going to properly hydrate me along with the smooth taste that makes me happy.  Simple as that.  I drink over 96oz. of our water every day and I haven’t felt better since.  
  • Have you seen a waterfall?
  • My wife encourages me to drink as much water as I can so I stay healthy.
  • I think of a cranberry bog…is that weird?