Water 101
January 23, 2020
Water testing and knowing what's in the water you drink
January 23, 2020


Questions about Water delivered by Century Springs

You have questions, and we have answers! Here at Century Springs we receive questions on a daily basis regarding our water, bottles, and delivery services. Often, we receive fairly standard questions that are asked several times a day. Other times we’ve been asked something outside the box! Continue reading to see some our most common questions, along with a few outlandish ones!

Where do you get your water from?

Right here in Wisconsin.  Our spring is literally in the backyard of our facility!  

Do I have to get a certain number of bottles?

 We do have a 3 bottle minimum for deliveries but we make your deliveries every 2, 4 or 8 weeks in order for you to meet that minimum.  

How cold is your ‘cold’ water?

It’s cooler than cool, ice cold.  

What if I can’t be home during the day?

Let us know a safe place where we can exchange the empties for fulls and we will mark the account accordingly and make the deliveries when your away.  

Do you deliver on weekends?

Sorry, we only deliver Monday through Friday.  

Can I have my delivery driver’s number?

Sorry. No, we do not release the personal information of our employees. We suggest a different method to meet your soul-mate.  

How often does the water get tested?

There are many tests that get done, some are done throughout the day, some weekly, some quarterly and some annually.  

Is this water safe for my iguana?

Yes, our natural spring water is safe for human and animal consumption. However, please do not drink water out of the same bowl as your iguana.

Do you offer other types of water?

Yes.  Century Springs offers bottled spring water, distilled water, fluoridated water, and purified water.  

The cooler is leaking can I get it swapped out?

Try to take the bottle off, empty the spigot and put a different bottle on. If its steal leaks then contact us and we can replace, if it was a leaky bottle just let us know and we will comp you a bottle your next delivery.  

No water is coming out, it’s just trickling.

Since we try to keep your water cold, sometimes the coolers freeze up. Try to unplug for a bit to let it warm back up. If that doesn’t work, then we will have to swap the cooler out.